Best Offshore NodeJs Hosting Solutions | 100% DMCA Ignored

looking for offshore nodejs hosting with DMCA ignored? in this article, I have listed 2 possible solutions that would allow you to host a Nodejs Web App.

If your looking for a way to host any website (scraping websites, Autoblogs, etc.) built with Nodejs which would attract DMCA complains then you would find this article helpful.

While trying to launch one of our client’s Nodejs Application, we found out that in countries like the US, some of the content he will be publishing might attract DMCA complains and so we couldn’t use any normal Nodejs hosting service.

Due to this, we did a lot of research and found a few options with one being the simplest to set up.

Just for educational purposes, in this article, we will explain two possible solutions for hosting a NodeJS web app on an offshore hosting account.


Solution 1:

From our research, Abelohost is the only hosting company that directly supports Nodejs as an option. They have made it possible to host Nodejs applications in offshore locations like Netherland.


nodejs offshore hosting plans abelohost


Any DMCA complain you might be getting is guaranteed to be ignored according to their terms.

This the simplest solution because not many offshore hosting companies allow Nodejs.


Another thing to note is that they offer this for both VPS and Shared Hosting Plans which is another reason I like the service.

Most hosting companies disable Nodejs hosting in their shared hosting package (Yes, Nodejs can be hosted on any VPS) which makes them super affordable if your project doesn’t use much server resources.

nodejs offshore hosting pricing table abelohost

And as you can see, their plans are quite affordable for the Quality of resources you’ll be getting.


You can Check out there VPS & Shared Hosting Plans on their official website



Solution 2: Buy an Offshore DMCA Ignored VPS & Install Docker (Nodejs hosting)

Now, this method is more expensive if you’re just starting, these days most hosting companies allow customers to install Docker or hosted PaaS solutions like Dokku which allows you to host Nodejs Applications on your server.

So what you need to do is buy an offshore VPS hosting account and install docker which then allows you to install NodeJs and host on your server.

You can easily ask your Offshore Hosting support to install docker for you or simply watch this simple youtube video below that will walk you through installing docker and then Nodejs on any VPS.



Once you have Docker or Dokku installed, hosting your Nodejs projects should not be an issue.


Ok, I hope this solves your offshore Nodejs problem. If you run into any issue or have a question you can drop a comment below.

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