JOOM Review: is JOOM a Scam?

Surfing the web, you might have come across Joom at least once and the crazy cheap prized products that they use to clickbait people to buy their products.

In this article, I will give a complete Joom review based on my experience ordering from them, all the necessary information and real paid customer reviews from there site and other review websites then give a final verdict.


What is Joom

Joom is an Ecommerce Marketplace website based in Europe, it allows vendors to list out products for people to purchase.

Along with a website, Joom also has a mobile marketplace app that allows easy access to browsing products and paying for them.

Currently, Joom claims to be the fastest-growing shopping app in Europe which by stats is not true as many other shopping apps have grown far more within shorter time frames.

Also, according to their stats they currently have over 150 million users using both their website and mobile apps.


Is Joom Legit or Is Joom a Scam?

No, Joom is not a scam as they do deliver their products. The issue with Joom is the fact that they have a really bad customer care service and they mess up a lot of orders.

Several customers (Including myself) have experienced some sort of issue purchasing from Joom with no solution, they will simply ignore your complaints, keep you in a loop of questions for months and seldom accept refunds even though on their site they offer it.

The saddest part about Joom is the fact that they mess up 30 – 40% of the orders they receive. You ordered a blue pair of shoes and you get a red pair or tey send wrong sizes or in some cases, they send you something entirely different.


How Fast Does Joom Deliver?

Joom has one of the worst delivery times ever, some orders even take as much as 1 – 3 months as the case may be to get to you.

They do not honor any of their promises which is a really bad thing.


Why is Everything Cheap on Joom?

One thing you should know is that Joom is practically a marketplace where anyone anywhere can sell products. Now, the majority of the products you see on Joom by statistics are dropshipped from other larger eCommerce sites like,, etc.

Most of the so-called vendors do not have those products in stock as advertised, they list them with higher prices so people with no knowledge of dropshipping or shopping from china based eCommerce stores can be ripped off a few extra dollars.


Some even go as far as doubling the prices as clearly, Joom does not regulate the price of sellers in its marketplace.


How Reliable is Joom?

Joom is not a reliable eCommerce store, from customer support down to the quality of products offered.

People who use Joom still do most probably because they have found a good vendor (yes, some good vendors do offer quality products) and business with them so far has been ok.


Are Joom Products Fake?

Like I said previously, most of the products from Joom are from china based eCommerce sites and as such you should generally expect low quality for the majority of their products (Especially the crazy cheap ones).

They don’t moderate their sellers well enough and this is why fake and defective products slip into their store so be very careful and read product reviews before you ever purchase anything from Joom.


Joom Reviews From Various Users

Ok, I’ve shared my experience ordering from Joom, let’s see how other people who have ordered from Joom previously have rated their products.

Trust Pilot Joom Reviews

One of the reviews:

I ordered an item that was not received…
I ordered an item that was not received but marked successful delivery on their tracking. Customer support sent me to check with local post office with a non Canada Post tracking number…. Then, found out it is DHL. Using DHL tracking system….Erroneous…. Not Found…. You tell me about Joom…..



Site Jabber Joom Reviews

image showing joom reviews image showing joom reviews


My Final Verdict on Joom

If you’re serious about shopping online then save your self the hassle and stay away from Joom. Based on all the reviews online (thousands of reviews) I would label JOOM a scam but since some people still use it ok I guess that wouldn’t be 100% true.


Would You Use Joom? Yes or No

Ok, after all this information provided here would you still use JOOM? let me know about your experiences with Joom in the comment box and I hope you’ve found this review on Joom quite useful.

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